Nine Pounds Of Ketamine Found in Paintings of Jesus Christ

Among drug dealers dressing as joggers this year, Jesus Christ paintings have become new ketamine mules. That’s right, US Customs and Border Protection officers found nine pounds of ketamine inside six Jesus painting frames.

Officers discovered the white powder in Louisville, Kentucky on June 3rd.

“The use of religious articles to conceal narcotics and other illicit materials is a common practice used by traffickers with the idea that these articles will be looked at with less scrutiny by CBP officers.” – Chief Customs and Border Protection officer, Brian Lick

This is further confirmed by the nine pounds of methamphetamine found in eight other religious paintings. That is, paintings of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Pope Francis by a Cincinnati drug detection dog. Clever or risky? We don’t know, but the evidence has been caught.

What This Means

Perhaps we can applaud the irony here. Jesus can save us from our sins, but even He is not above the law. With its known anesthetic and psychedelic effects, the drug has risen, fallen, and risen in the past few years. Its colorful history lends to all sorts of buyers including psychonauts, psychologists, and cosmic journey junkies. It can be found in high levels of purity now, so most major cities seem to be surging in imports.

We know its effects on the dance floors and as therapy. Too much can be fatal, but just the right amount could cure you of insanity. Pain ceases to exist if dosed with it properly as well. Special K holds a special place in techno fiends’ hearts as well.

Nevertheless, the drug wars will continue. Be careful with your surroundings and only trust those that you know have your back. For every good study, there will be a counter study proving its ineffectiveness. Whatever works for some may not work for others.