Moët Recalls Champagne Bottles Laced With High Concentration MDMA

Across Europe, twelve have been poisoned and one has died as a result of MDMA spiked Moët & Chandon. The champagne company has issued a recall of their Moët Chandon Imperial Ice Bottles as a precaution. While it is still unknown just how the drugs got into the bottle, some things are very clear.


The dangerous bottles in question can be identified by three simple factors. There is less bubbling. The liquid smells like licorice or anisette. And the color is closer to a reddish-brown than a champagne straw. The liquid will also darken and solidify over time. 

Deadly High Concentration Dose

MDMA in small doses is not lethal, and even in large doses, it is not often thought of as a deadly drug. However the difference between a drug, a medicine, and a poison is dosage. And these Moët bottles were said to have over a 100 grams of MDMA inside. Authorities are suggesting that a single sip is about 1000 times the amount of a recreational dose. While these numbers were not verified in a laboratory, it is absolutely true that these bottles have an incredibly high concentration of MDMA, and even a small sip could be fatal.

Harald Georg Z, was out at a restaurant with friends in Weiden, Germany. He is now passed at 52. Seven other Germans were hospitalized; and in the Netherlands, four people became seriously ill. 

Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said: “Touching and/or drinking the contents of the bottles is life-threatening… It is not known how the MDMA ended up in these bottles. The authority is therefore unable to estimate whether there are any more of these bottles containing the hazardous substance in circulation. It cannot be ruled out that there are other bottles of the same brand in circulation that also contain MDMA.

According to a newspaper in Malta, they believe that drug smugglers are behind this spiking. The bottles were likely emptied and replaced with liquid MDMA. A lot of this is still under investigation and speculative. But let’s bring it back to what we have control of as individuals. Remember to be careful out there. There was talk recently at Okeechobee Festival, that an individual was selling recreational drugs laced with Fentanyl. So when you’re out there… take a moment, make sure you know what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Please.