Mixcloud Initiates “Tracks” Feature to Allow Artists to Upload Original Audio

Mixcloud has introduced a brand new feature titled “Tracks” giving artists the opportunity to upload original snippets of audio. Since launching in 2008, Mixcloud has concentrated on long-formed audio including DJ sets, podcasts and radio shows. However, this is the first time the platform has explored shorter-form uploads. Audio uploaded via Tracks can be original and be between 30 seconds and 15 minutes long.

Tracks will be alongside any long-form shows in a separate tab on a creator’s channel. Users with a basic Mixcloud account can upload three tracks yet those with a pro subscription can upload as many as they wish. With an emphasis on uploading original content, Mixcloud has urged users NOT to upload remixes or bootlegs to its platform.

“This makes Mixcloud the only platform that offers both livestreaming, long-form audio, and short-form tracks as well,” said CEO Nico Perez. There currently is no information on how royalties work for the artist’s original content. Check out the step-by-step guide to upload here and watch Mixcloud’s tutorial on ‘Tracks’ below.