Michael Bibi Releases Health Update After Finishing Main Phase Of Cancer Treatment

Bright news from one of the biggest and most loved names in the game. Michael Bibi shared an update regarding his ongoing cancer treatment. The London-based DJ/Producer and label founder informed his fans that the main phase of his treatment is now over. The process, according to Michael, has left him tired, and while it’s not the end of his fight, we’re certainly happy to see his successful progress.

Michael Bibi leaving hte hospital after first stage of main phase is over

It’s been four months since one of the most beloved artists in the scene delivered some of the saddest news the community’s gotten in a while. Michael Bibi had been diagnosed with a strange cancer. The mind behind so many chart-topping tracks. One of the co-founders of one of the world’s leading labels, Solid Grooves. A great artist, and an even better friend. The news of Michael’s diagnosis arrived just as we entered the peak of the summer season. With hundreds of performances, self-curated events, and who knows how many other projects, it could have not come at a worse time. Bibi, however, is a synonym for resilience and standing for anything thrown his way.

It wasn’t long ago that the sounds of Michael Bibi and his label became the object of several critics and attacks, mainly from genre purists. The genre known as Tech-House caused discomfort to many, who viewed it as a merge of their world with one they weren’t interested in. Now, years later, it’s all changed. Michael Bibi’s on top of the industry. His label is one of the most successful ones out there. You can watch them perform in all their might every Thursday during the Ibiza season. Through every hard moment, Bibi fought against critics and empty hate, and he achieved his goal. Now, the boss of minimal grooves is ready to take a small pause before going back into the ring for a couple of rounds.

Bibi Updates Fans Regarding Health Status

“When I first came into hospital I was barely able to walk.
Today I walk out with a smile having completed my main treatment. tired but happy…My fight against cancer is not over…but for now a break & some extra time to enjoy life. ✌?❤️”

With this brief speech, Michael Bibi updated his fans on how the last months have been going for him. As we all expected, there’s no Cancer strong enough for Michael Bibi. Here at EDMTunes, we want to send all of our love and support toward Michael Bibi. You’ve got this man! See you soon behind the decks!