MEDUZA Speaks at Harvard University: ‘It Was an Honor’

If it isn’t already apparent what a huge talent and success MEDUZA are, take it from one of their latest appearances. The Italian trio were invited to speak at world-renowned Harvard University on Friday before their show in Boston. The Milan-based group made up of Luca de Gregorio, Mattia Vitale and Simone Giani took part in a discussion and question-and-answer session hosted by the college’s Electronic Music Collective.

A video of the visit shows the trio behind house hits including ‘Piece Of Your Heart‘ and ‘Lose Control‘ walking through the Ivy League campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To the beat of ‘Paradise‘, they ascend stately building steps and take seats at Sever Hall for the intimate talk.

Studio Insights

Vitale, who DJs many of the trio’s shows solo, spoke about making “magic” in the studio alongside his two partners.

“It took like 10 minutes, 10, 15 minutes to make ‘Piece Of Your Heart,’”

Vitale said of their Grammy-nominated track.

Vitale added that they have been striving to produce tracks “outside the industry of dance music and trying to make something new, trying to put in something different than the usual standard.”

“This is not a secret, but one of the rules is try to evolve your sound,” Vitale said. “Just that, and continue living it and doing what you really love. Thank you for coming today.”

Attendees applauded and MEDUZA signed posters and took photos with the collective to mark the special day.

“It was an honor to have had the opportunity to make a speech at the Harvard University,” MEDUZA later wrote as the caption to the video. “Thanks to all.”

MEDUZA played at Royale night club in Boston later that night. They also invited collective members to attend their next show at Avant Gardner‘s Great Hall in Brooklyn on Friday. There, they will present the world premiere of their fully live show, ODIZZEA. Tickets to the show can be purchased here.