Mau P & MC Stretch Clinch Gold for ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’

Back in August of 2022, we wrote about Mau P‘s debut track, ‘Drugs From Amsterdam‘. Today, we write about it again, albeit for different reasons. It was recently revealed by the one & only MC Stretch that he is the vocalist behind the chart-topping hit. Furthermore, he revealed that he had also received an RIAA Gold Record for the smash hit.

Mau P & MC Stretch Win Gold

Firstly, in a whirlwind of beats and sonic euphoria, ‘Drugs from Amsterdam’ has solidified its place as a dancefloor revolution. The track’s magnetic pull draws enthusiasts from across the globe to surrender to its rhythmic enchantment. The lyrics pulsate through veins, a testament to the transcendent power of music to unite souls in celebration. Additionally, with its Tech-House finesse and magnetic allure, the track has emerged as a transcendent anthem that ignites the spirit of the rave.

The gold record isn’t just an accolade; it’s a symbol of the shared journey that Mau P & MC Stretch embarked upon. The lyrics, the pulsating beats, and the roaring applause of their fans converge in this emblem of triumph. Gratitude reverberates through the airwaves as they express their love and appreciation for every moment that has fueled their rise. ‘Drugs from Amsterdam’ isn’t just a track — it’s an emblem of their unyielding passion. A passion that displays their dedication to shaping the very soundscape of Electronic Music. Congratulations Mau P & MC Stretch, well deserved.

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