Matt from MEDUZA Opens Up About Struggles During Tomorrowland Set

DJing isn’t always as glamorous as many think it is. It is hard work, requiring lots of endurance and self-control. That often means that things can go wrong during the set, or artists can be suffering behind the scenes and pushing through. This was the very case for Mattia Vitale, from Italian DJ and producer trio MEDUZA, who was playing Tomorrowland with stitches to his spleen and almost stopped the set 30 minutes early due to the intense pain. Ultimately, though, he decided that he would persist through the set and was able to see the show to completion, collapsing backstage. He posted a picture and message to fans thanking them for their support and letting them know that everything is OK.

“This is tour life, it’s not only good news and 5 stars hotels or jets, it’s a stressful job and you spend most of the time far from the family, but when you have a great team around and fans like you guys everything it’s easier and this makes me happy for what i have.”

— Matt

Matt assured fans he was on the mend and off to play additional shows in Germany and then back to Tomorrowland next week. We wish him the best with his recovery!