Marsh Sees His Album ‘Endless’ Remixed

One of the best albums of the year just had its full-circle moment.

Back in February, we had what came to be one of the true best pieces of music coming out of the Electronic Music world this year. The album was Endless, and the mastermind behind it, Marsh. Tom’s album certainly delivered, with unique tracks, varied styles, innovative and retro sounds, and an overall very positive critique. Above & Beyond have been spotted playing ‘Reminiscent’, Hernan Cattaneo has travelled the world spinning ‘All Night Long‘, and who knows how many other DJs have also adopted an Endless track for their nights out.

Tom’s album did truly strike the whole world. And with good reason. And so, with its success, it was nearly mandatory that a next chapter would come to Endless: the remix album.

Today we see the release of Endless (Remixed), an entire album’s worth of updates, rethinks, spins, and what have you, all revolving exclusively around Marsh’s original piece. Treat yourself to a large list of remixes, coming from the likes of HANA, Wassu, Hernan Cattaneo, Icarus, and more.

The Endless Journey, Remixed

Opening with a very catchy Dave DK remix of ‘Fragments‘, the album revisits all of Marsh’s tracks but two, ‘Touch The Sky‘ and ‘Fall To Pieces‘. A trip through blends of sounds, you’ll find each track with a new intention, a different face, but carrying the energy of the originals throughout. Eleven compositions will send you on a journey to a new side of Endless lasting around 45 minutes.

Writer’s Picks

I love HANA’s take on ‘Reminiscent’. She situates the mysterious slow arpeggio as the core element and builds her remix upon it, which is very different from the housey, almost 90s sound of the original, and I love the slightly calmer result: really suits instances the original track can’t. But my favourite of them all, I have to admit, is the closing, Ambient Mix Dave DK delivered on ‘Endless‘. ‘Endless’ was among my favourites on the original album, and it’s a song I deeply connected with, even to the point of tears. My soul craved, and I mean, CRAVED, a beatless rendition. And there it is. My favourite.

The entire pack is really interesting, though. I’m definitely playing a couple tracks from this album on future gigs.

Check out the full tracklist down below.

Marsh – Endless (Remixed) Tracklist

  1. Fragments (Dave DK Remix) feat. Jodie Knight
  2. Reminiscent (HANA Remix)
  3. Pneuma (Volen Sentir Remix)
  4. All Night Long (Icarus Remix)
  5. Hymn (Hernan Cattaneo & Simply City Remix)
  6. Blue (Ezequiel Arias Remix) feat. Leo Wood
  7. Forgiveness (Anyasa Remix) with Wassu feat. Mariel Beausejour
  8. Sleep (Alex O’Rion Remix) feat. Jodie Knight
  9. Blue (Warung Remix) feat. Leo Wood
  10. Sleep (Wassu Remix) feat. Jodie Knight
  11. Endless (Dave DK Ambient Mix)

Final Words

In the end, Endless (Remixed) gives you a great chance to appreciate each of Tom’s gems a different way; through a differently polarised glass if you will. Granted, you’ll have your preferred one were it song or remixer, but I’d strongly suggest you listen to every track: they all have a story to tell.

Listen to Marsh’s Endless (Remixed) by following the Spotify link below, or click here to support the release on the platform of your choice.