Man Cub Releases Sophomore Album ‘Before It Gets Better’

Dive into a world of melody and sound, just in time for the weekend.

Welcome to the first weekend of August. In hopes of having a very well-rested one, here we bring you new music, in this case, an entire album. Albuquerque-based producer Alec Berve, also known as Man Cub, has just put out his album Before It Gets Better, a collection of soul-touching, highly melodic tunes.

This release comes after a string of recent Man Cub singles including ‘Phantoms’ and ‘Still A Light’. Before It Gets Better is the perfect dose of sweet nostalgia paired with strong Dubstep beats and four-on-the-floor segments, and will ease the mind of any electronic fan looking for peace, or hope. The album truly provides relief with all its purposeful elements well thought through.

I want to take the depth of purpose and feeling that music has given me, and create something new that
stirs those same feelings in others.

-Man Cub

Before It Gets Better

Filled to the brim with amazing collaborations and features, Luxtides, April Bender, Luma, Allie Crystal, Stirling, and Connor Byrne all make an appearance on the album. Across eight tracks, the emotionally charged electronic-pop piece will make you feel thoughtful and appreciate the complete journey.

From the very beginning of the opening track, ‘Beauty‘, you know it’s going to be a different story, one filled with positive emotions. Some explosive euphoric songs will lift you all the way out of your chair, while others are much more intimate and might make you close your eyes to enjoy them to the fullest. There’s something in the album for you, though. That’s granted.

Writer’s Pick

I felt an immediate connection with the third track, ‘Save Me From Myself‘. Luma’s sweet voice rode me kindly through the first sections of the song, before increasing in tension for the chorus. And, oh Lord, the change into the drop sent me flying. I’m a sucker for all things melodic so that drop truly lifted my spirit. It’s so beautiful I had to stop everything I was doing to appreciate the melody in detail. Beautiful. I also ended up liking ‘Still A Light‘ quite a lot, since it reminds me of the Trance style of Gareth Emery, chords and everything, like ‘Long Way Home’. And melodic Gaz popping up in my head is always a “yes”.

Check the full tracklist down below.

Man Cub – Before It Gets Better Tracklist

  1. Beauty
  2. Compass with April Bender
  3. Save Me From Myself with Luma
  4. Still A Light with Luxtides
  5. Phantoms with Allie Crystal
  6. Message
  7. The Loneliest with Stirling
  8. A Little Louder with Conor Byrne

Final Words

Before It Gets Better is a true ode to finding beauty in the most unbelievable places. It makes you feel renovated after you listen to it, and draws a smile on your face a couple times. That’s a good indicator of music properly produced right there. Lovely.

Give Man Cub’s Before It Gets Better a listen by hitting the Spotify button below. And have a great weekend!