Luttrell’s new album Lucky Ones sees its first branch-off for what’s expected to be a series of remix albums. The album consists of his tracks, ‘Synergy 2000’ and ‘Lucky Ones,’ reimagined by some new names.

Both original tracks by Luttrell are nothing short of imaginative, melodic, soulful and charged. I find that to be the case with most tracks he puts out and I can’t get enough of his overall tone. His visions for each track play out through the dynamic waves he delivers and crisp collectives he puts out time after time.

Synergy 2000 (Antic & Della Remix)

‘Synergy 2000’ remix by Antic & Della makes me feel as if I’m in some sort of mashup of Blade Runner and Ex-Machina. It’s definitely a more gritty neon-infested version compared to Luttrell’s quite squeaky clean 1990’s synth percussive piece.

I really love this track for its use of chopped vocals throughout. I’m definitely a sucker for vocals as percussive elements or a congruent theme throughout a track. The various synthwave aspects of it really create a beautiful conglomerate. It’s a hyper futuristic, melodic, near-progressive siren song. The tonal blips throughout almost make me envision something printed out in front of me. Perhaps the blending of two worlds I mentioned above.

While this is the more energetic of the two remixes, I find this one to have a really nice charm. It’s not overbearing or too busy and keeps itself in check and balanced. It’s a great tune for any set and just to listen to. It’s entertaining to pick out the different pieces I find each time I listen.

‘Synergy’ has a really definitive tonality to it which I appreciate. I feel like it plays out well in the midst of the original version and in this album and is a great addition to an already great original track.

Lucky Ones (Leaving Laurel Remix)

‘Lucky Ones’ remix by new up-and-coming melodic duo Leaving Laurel is by far one of my favourite remixes I’ve heard in quite some time. This is incredibly in-tune with what hits me emotionally. There’s a galactic soothing quality with a minimalist approach that digs into my mind, splits it open and lets it expand into the unknown.

While this isn’t necessarily a generic club song, it’s something more engaging to me. It makes me think and feel as if I can create something today. That to me is worth its weight in gold. Very few tracks hit me such as this and can do that on the spot. There’s definitely a specific place in my heart for this remix.

Overall this album is a really nice contrasting cohesive piece. Nothing really seems out of place even while these songs in tone are very clear distinctive deviants of one another. As someone who still has to give the full Lucky Ones album a listen, I cannot wait to dive in.

Stay well, have a brilliant Friday and do give this a listen. I hope you too find something that inspires you in this today.