Lost Lands Will Continue As Scheduled

COVID-19 has been on everyone’s mind as festivals left and right have been cancelled or postponed. The future of music events remains uncertain as the virus continues to sweep the world. Festival season itself has basically been cancelled, and there is a concern that the fall season may be impacted as well. Therefore, there have been questions as to whether Lost Lands will still take place this year.

Recently, Lost Lands made an official announcement that the pre-historic themed festival will still take place September 25-27, as of now. Due to the fact that the event occurs in the fall, there is hope that the virus may have dissipated by that time. As the statement states:

“Time is hopefully on our side since Lost Lands is scheduled during the fall. Above all else, safety is our number one priority. We are keeping a close eye on this fluid situation, and working closely with public officials to ensure planning is in sync with updated information.”

Lost Lands Team

Thankfully, there is hope that this year’s Lost Lands will take place. However, only time can tell if it will.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lost Lands 2020.