Loe Shimmy Talks Life In “Playboi Carti”

Demonstrating his eclectic influences, Loe Shimmy rises among the ranks with consistent releases of “Wake Em Up”, “Not The Some”, “No Lit”, “On The Run”, and the crown jewel of them all – “Playboi Carti”, which features the best of Shimmy’s croaky, bony vocals and some of his coolest, sharpest lines. With a surprise appearance of Kodak Black toward the end of the music clip, “Playboi Carti” depicts the rapper in his mode and it’s an absolute blast!

Not too long ago, Loe Shimmy shared an album titled Z End, which was very well received by the audience. The artist spoke about it in an interview, saying that “My album Z End was really a message saying ‘it’s over after this, I’m kicking the music industry door in’. And that’s exactly what happened, I’ve been productive with my music, creating new pieces and I’m happy with it so far.”

Loe Shimmy is an American rapper from Pompano Beach, Florida. The inspirational young talent is one of the hottest up-and-coming artists of his generation. His versatility helps him create any beat and adapt to any sound. For Shimmy, music is the only way to express himself. That’s why he’s grateful that he could live another day doing what he loves the most.