Live Nation Announces New Program to Help Traveling Artists with Expenses

As many know, being a traveling artist is challenging, mainly because expenses can be high while their compensation is low. Live Nation announced it will implement a new program called On the Road Again to help alleviate this by providing $1,500 stipends for gas and travel cash.

Additionally, the program will apply to 77 North American club venues, which won’t charge artists for merchandise fees either. On top of that, they’re adding bonuses for venue staff that worked over 500 hours in 2023 and put $5 million into the Crew Nation fund (Pitchfork). The Crew Nation fund is a global relief fund set up for crew members in the live music industry.

Currently, only club venues are in the program, excluding more giant stadiums, arenas, and festival grounds. It’s also not exactly clear if the program is just a one-time initiative or something they’ll continue to do in the future.

Stay tuned as there are further updates around Live Nation’s new program and as we see how it plays out. Check out their website or relevant social platforms to learn more about Live Nation.

(Photo via Unsplash)