Kygo Takes Us Behind The Scenes at Coachella The Day Avicii Passed Away

Kygo expanded his YouTube page to include videos beyond his music releases. He has done a few videos on “The Making Of” certain tracks. Yesterday, on the two year anniversary of his legendary Coachella performance, he posted a ‘Behind The Scenes’ look. We got to take a deep dive into how Kygo (real name Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll) prepares before a big show. At the end of the video, we see his Avicii tribute up-close. Kyree closes his set with his favorite song by Tim, ‘Without You’.

Behind The Scenes

The video begins with a soundcheck he typically does before going on stage. He explains how he can’t do it tomorrow for Coachella. He also goes into his stage design and how half of it isn’t really functional and just there for “symmetrical” reasons. It is pretty wild to see how much effort really goes into a set and DJs don’t just jump up there. A whole team is integrated into the process.

Scenes cut to just before he goes on for Weekend 1. He talks about the nerves starting to come in. Video catches him meeting Rita Ora for the first time. Kygo pulls out all the strings for this particular show. With it not being a total EDM crowd he makes sure to bring out plenty of artists for live performances. Kyree is a unique performer in that he can go beyond the decks and play the piano for the crowd.

Throughout behind the scenes, it seems like Kygo is just a normal guy like us. He goes to a restaurant on the day of his Weekend 2 show. He forgets his sunglasses right before leaving for Coachella. The video closes with him surprising the crowd with Ariana Grande as well as his emotional tribute to Avicii. ‘Without You’ clearly hits him right in the heart as it did for all that day.

Yesterday marked a day we won’t forget for the rest of our lives. Cheers to Kygo for giving Tim a beautiful tribute.