Kygo Beats Lady Gaga Over Most Spots On Billboard's Top Dance Music Charts

Kygo is leading Billboard’s dance and electronic charts this week. He is even beating famed pop star, Lady Gaga. Move over, queen–looks like we may have a king on our hands.

Let’s take a look at the standings between the two, shall we?
  • Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica‘ full-length album ranks No. 1 on Top Dance/Electronic Albums. ‘Rain On Me’ is the top-earning current single on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs.
  • 13 of her tracks occupy the top half of the top 20 list
  • Kygo claims 16 spots inside the top 40 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart with 11 of those spots taken by new singles
  • Golden Hour‘ debuts at number 2 on Top Dance/Electronic Albums with all songs except one placed on the chart

‘Higher Love’ didn’t make the list this time, but with Whitney Houston on your track, you win anyway. If you would like a breakdown of his songs ranked, look below.

  • No. 8 – “Lose Somebody (ft. OneRepublic)”
  • No. 19 – “Broken Glass (ft. Kim Petras)”
  • No. 21 – “I’ll Wait (ft. Sasha Sloan)”
  • No. 22 – “Freedom (ft. Zak Abel)”
  • No. 23 – “The Truth (ft. Valerie Broussard)”
  • No. 24 – “Like It Is (ft. Zara Larsson & Tyga)”
  • No. 25 – “Someday (ft. Zac Brown)”
  • No. 27 – “Feels Like Forever (ft. Jamie N Commons)”
  • No. 29 – “Beautiful (ft. Sandro Cavazza)”
  • No. 30 – “Could You Love Me (ft. Dreamlab)”
  • No. 31 – “To Die For (ft. St. Lundi)”
  • No. 33 – “How Would I Know (ft. Oh Wonder)”
  • No. 35 – “Don’t Give Up On Love (ft. Sam Tinnesz)”
  • No. 36 – “Say You Will (ft. Patrick Droney & Petey)”
  • No. 38 – “Follow (ft. Joe Janiak)”
  • No. 39 – “Hurting (ft. Rhys Lewis)”

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the album, you can do so below. It is currently in the running for one of the best albums for the first half of 2020 amongst our staff as well.

The Singaporean born, Norwegian producer has swooned us with his tropical, progressive house tunes since 2013. There is always time for downtempo good vibes if you ask us!