Kyau & Albert’s Darker Single ‘Otherworld’

The latest from one of the defining acts of the Trance scene is now available everywhere.

The hottest new track from Anjunabeats is out now! Enter legendary German duo Kyau & Albert, whose music has been a close part of Trance history for over a quarter of a century. ‘Velvet Morning‘, ‘Memory Lane‘, and Mantis‘ with Genix, have all been defining tracks in their respective eras. Throughout their extensive career, though, they’ve rocked the use of signature elements, such as their percussion and their gated vocals. Once you get to know their sound, you know exactly when a track has been produced by them.

After quite the season with tracks like ‘Chimera‘, ‘Always‘, ‘Rising Hope‘, and a series of originals and remixes from their 25 Years series, they’ve recently brought all the dark yet melodic trance sound they just ace, and signed ‘Otherworld‘ to Anjuna.


Get ready for the darkness! The second this song drops it feels as though you’re warping at high speed through a tunnel. Rolling, quite white-tinted percussion fills the atmosphere through the second half of the drop, as melody elements come into play. The break falls and you’ll get to listen to their trademark gated vocal beds.

The pluck that serves as the main melody starts to carve its way into the front of the mix, but it can’t entirely do so before the second drop hits, as hard as the first one. This second drop, though, blends the darkness of the first bit with the melodies of the second, and the result is an absolute gem.

What ‘Otherworld’ became sounds truly out of this world. It’s a dark tune, really dark, but without resorting to the typical rumbling Techno kick: this track decided to go its own way about the matter. And for that, I have to give this song’s clever production a round of applause.

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