Koven & Circadian Smash It With ‘The Outlines’

Help yourself to a healthy dose of mastered-to-perfection Drum and Bass today.

It’s out! Highly anticipated, ‘The Outlines‘ has seen the light of day. This exciting brand new collaboration from Katie & Max, aka Koven, and The Prototypes‘ former member Chris Garvey as Circadian, is out on all platforms as of today. Following absolutely stellar careers for both parts, this absolute banger of a track comes to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year in the world of DnB.

On Koven’s side, prior to this release, this year they released the Higher Ground (Part 2) EP. It’s a collection of six tracks, all very powerful and with a distinctive Katie & Max sound. On Circadian’s side, he debuted this new solo alias this year with his single ‘Body Work‘, after announcing he’d be stepping away from the The Prototypes duo to pursue his solo sound.

The Outlines

Monstercat tends to leave little to no room for error on its releases, and this one is surely no exception. The epic distant guitars pair with Katie’s voice, a staple of the genre by now, building up to a neverending tension-filled beat just before the build and the drop, which, as you’d expect, is a bomb of a drop. The unmistakable kick and snare pattern is paired with powerful basslines, growls, and other textures. All elements work in a melodic-yet-potent fashion. Both parties worked together to craft a wonderful piece.

There’s an Asphalt game aura in this song. I wouldn’t be surprised if it popped in a racing game. Actually, they already have a song out on Rocket League, ‘All We Needed‘.

Go ahead and listen to Koven & Circadian’s ‘The Outlines’ right below for your Spotify play, or click here to be redirected to YouTube. Alternatively, click here to support the single elsewhere.