Kid Swims To Ultra Miami, Gets VIP Pass From Cops

In today’s interesting news of the day: a boy posted a video to Instagram of him swimming to Ultra Miami. The best part about it? Even though the police caught him, instead of turning him away, they granted him a VIP pass to the festival. See, cops aren’t all bad people.

In the video below, he takes us through almost the whole adventure. And it looks quite fun! He gets his snorkeling equipment on and get under the water. Or should I say ‘Under The Sea?’ At one point he is going under some bridges and is almost stopped. Police boats eventually do stop him and put him on the boat.

From there, it seems like smooth sailing. Instead of arresting the kid, the cops found it funny and actually gave him a VIP band. The next thing we see is him having the time of his life at UMF. The Miami Police actually just shared their own Aftermovie of Ultra and it is well worth the watch.

Now, you can’t do this at every festival. But boy, we wish you could. I guess we need more music festivals by the water?