Kaskade Under Fire for Proposed Stream Set at Catalina Island” />

Last weekend, Kaskade was set to perform a unique quarantine stream in Catalina Island, California. However, the plan did not go as expected for the DJ who was forced to cancel the event.

Kaskade announced his DJ set just before the weekend. The goal according to him was to connect with his fans through the music. In addition, the stream would be a good way to promote Catalina Island, which is very reliant on tourism.

However, the DJ received immediate backlash after his first tweet, which was interpreted as an invitation for people to physically join him.

Seeing the number of ravers craving for DJ sets and parties, many took the invitation seriously. Some went-on actually planning the trip. On the other hand, others put the DJ under fire, criticizing Kaskade for throwing a party in the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown circumstances.

The mix of excited, confused, and angry tweets made Kaskade clarify his position. He tweeted again asking his fans to join -only- virtually, through the Twitch live stream.

Regardless of the clarification, the vast backlash forced the DJ to cancel the stream altogether. However, another Catalina Island stream will likely be revealed as Kaskade talked about a “postponement”.