Kaskade Calls Out ‘Fools’ Mistaking His Coachella Crowd to be Harry Styles’

Kaskade was not shy in calling out a pop news outlet that shared an aerial photo of his historic 2015 Coachella set – falsely claiming it was the crowd before singer Harry Styles performed Friday in the festival’s first weekend. Seven years ago, Kaskade was the only dance music artist to play on Coachella’s main stage. The American producer-DJ broke the festival’s record for the biggest crowd size at the time. Kaskade’s massive live audience showed that dance music could hold its own against hip-hop, rap, pop and all the other more mainstream genres that Coachella whips up.

So it’s understandable that Kaskade on Monday afternoon spoke to get the record straight on Pop Crave‘s tweet from the prior day. Pop Crave, which reports on “All Things Pop Culture,” shared two images of a massive crowd at the music and arts festival in Indio, California. The outlet captioned its post from Sunday: “View of Harry Styles’ #Coachella crowd 30 minutes before the start of his performance.”

Kaskade, whose real name is Ryan Raddon, quote tweeted the post and commented sarcastically, “oorrrrr use a photo from my 2015 show @Coachella and SAY it’s people waiting for Harry Styles.” He added emojis of a face with rolling eyes and a clown.

Additionally, Kaskade quote tweeted user Distro Daddy, whose handle is @JayBergNFG and describes himself as a Seattle-based freelance production technician. It appears Kaskade may have caught on to Pop Crave’s fake reference through Jay, who tagged the DJ on Sunday at noon. “I remember,” Jay wrote – fittingly the same words as one of Kaskade’s classic tracks.

“Thanks for calling these fools out Jay,” Kaskade tweeted, with a praying hands emoji.

Kaskade’s Coachella History

Many Kaskade fans pointed out the different setup in the photos, praised the DJ and slammed the pop site. “Saskade at its finest,” one fan wrote. Another tweeted: “False information at its best. Kaskade made history at Coachella! No fan should use this to spread misinformation about other artists.”

Kaskade’s tweets appeared to garner enough attention and buzz that Pop Crave later on Monday deleted its post.

Many fans took the opportunity to also plead for Kaskade’s return to Coachella. Besides 2015, Kaskade played in the desert in 2012 when he debuted his Freaks of Nature tour, as well as in 2010 and 2006. When a fan asked Kaskade on Saturday to “pleaseeee” play at the Do LaB stage, he replied, “Sorry, I can’t.” But if paying attention to Coachella is any indication, it seems Kaskade would entertain the idea of playing there once again.

Until then, remember his famed performance with Coachella’s aerial drone footage below: