Juan Minatta Gets Out Of His Comfort Zone On Powerful New EP “after the aftermath (remixes)”

Argentinian singer-songwriter Juan Minatta and his friend, collaborator, and talented artist Micaela Blue have teamed up to produce an extraordinarily beautiful new compilation of remixes for the track “after the aftermath.”  The EP is titled “after the aftermath (remixes).” 

A slow-paced piano pop single, “after the aftermath” is the kind of single that can be played for days, months and years, so much it contains beauty and soul. The magnificent performances of both Juan Minatta and Micaela Blue, and the way they have impressively intertwined their talents, is simply inspiring and lets us hope for more joint projects from these two in the future. The remixes also add to the already beautiful single, with new genres incorporated in the mix, including  EDM and Dance music. We particularly recommend fans to stream the don’t rain on my parade remix of the track.