John Summit Announces Off The Grid Name Change

DJ sensation John Summit announced this week that he’s changing the name of his record label OTG. Previously event curator Off The Grid Campout decided to take legal action against the Chicago-born producer for copyright.

The decision comes after Summit had discussions with OTG Campout and reached a peaceful resolution. Summit took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the situation and offer an apology to OTG; see the complete statement here:

About the label name, I acted out of emotion and truly apologize for all the drama I stirred up by taking it to social media. I’ve been talking w the OTG campout team and apologized to them directly, but I also wanted to do so publicly. They’ve agreed to stop pursuing legal action & my team and I are working on a rebrand. In the meantime, to all my fans, please stop sending negative messages to OTG campout. I was wrong in condoning that behavior in any way“, Summit continued.

“All we want now is for both our communities to come together and be able to dance as one. I def learned my lesson from this, and from here on out, I’m going to focus my attention in a positive light so we can get back to releasing music and throwing fun parties. Thanks for taking the time to read this I appreciate & love you all.”

-John Summit

In addition to the OTG issue, the popular DJ just played Shambhala and announced a new event series called Always Everything with Dom Dolla. To stay up-to-date on everything John Summit or to find out what he changes the OTG name to, check out his social platforms or website.

Photo via Facebook: John Summit