JAYCEEOH & Blaize Team Up For 'Showtime'

Since the start of Welcome Records, Kayzo’s label, the goal has been to showcase the craziest of music releasing today. The goal is still the same to this day, with a brand new record by JAYCEEOH & Blaize. This blistering collaboration goes by the name of ‘Showtime.’

The record starts off with vocals that make you feel like you’re about to watch a wrestling match. You get put into the space where the ring announcer names off the fighters, hypes the crowd up, and gives the classic “It’s SHOWTIME!” This is very reminiscent of another song called ‘YES!’ by Rooler, and even uses similar melodies. ‘Showtime’ could quite possibly be a little tribute to that song. The drop takes you into a world of distorted and wonky bass after the classic false drop. The second half turns into a 4×4 banger. It’s always a treat to me when artists tease some hard dance in their records. It’s safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The song doesn’t stop there as it takes you on another journey through heavy, raunchy dubstep in the second drop. Strap in and get ready because it’s showtime!

You can listen to this awesome record by JAYCEEOH & Blaize now by clicking here or scrolling down below. Enjoy!