Jan Blomqvist Concludes His 'Disconnected' Journey

Jan Blomqvist delivered an emotional concert in the city of Munich. This follows his ‘Disconnected’ LP release and the journey that began four years ago. Down below is the video and ‘Live In Munich’ album that you can listen and watch to relive the experience.

This live album embodies the global reach of his original record and the flawless synergy between musicians and their production crew. From sound engineers, lyricists, visual and light artists, dancers, graphic artists, cameramen, and directors, the team works. He gives thanks to all entities, resulting in impeccable production.

Furthermore, the live album coincides with the 90-minute performance of the full live ‘Disconnected’ show. So, not only can you listen to the album, but you can watch the official video here. This film production is by Ideal Ent, and stitches together flawless sounds and dazzling visuals. You get to watch them play on stage while listening to the sultry soundtrack of his. Jamming out like rockstars with lights illuminating behind them, enjoy.

“We were stressed out, cursing and sweating, but it was worth the effort as the ‘Disconnected’ show was amazing. So it was clear from the beginning that we had to record everything…Thank you to everyone who made Disconnected so unforgettable on and off the stage! This video is for you! Enjoy and let’s stay disconnected” – Jan Blomqvist

As this marks the end of the Disconnected journey, we get to see how far his sensual soundscapes have come. He is a solo artist and a band leader that delivers stunning performances, moving every crowd. Much like Rufus Du Sol, the live elements and stunning electronic music immerse you in a momentary escape.

His concert techno sound will certainly live on. We love that club-soul feel he brings to his production.

Jan Blomqvist – Live in Munich | Buy/Stream