Italy to Resume Small Music Events in June

Parts of the United States are back open following a period of quarantine. Socially distanced concerts are the new norm, and some states have gone ahead and thrown small-scale concerts. Parts of Europe are slowly reopening as well. Italy, who was hit hard by the pandemic, had their lockdown restrictions lifted recently. Businesses reopened recently with social distancing measures and health precautions still in place.

DJ Mag Italia reports that in mid-June, indoor and outdoor events “in theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other spaces” will be allowed. However, much like the current state of the United States, there will be strict social distancing measure put in place for these events in Italy. This includes distanced seating, limited capacity, and requirement of masks for attendees. According to the report, outdoor events will have a maximum capacity of 1000 attendees, and indoor events will have 200.

Unlike concerts and music events, clubs will remain closed. That is due to the difficulties of maintaining social distancing in such spaces. However, Sicily will be contrasting the government’s decision and go ahead with reopening clubs as early as June.

We are in unprecedented times and there’s no way to know with certainty whether countries are reopening at the right times. As attendees, we can only be cautious and look out for our own health and well-being.