Italian Government Announces Crackdown on Illegal Raves

Illegal raves in Italy are all set to be a thing of the past! Newly elected far-right prime minister Giorgia Meloni has announced the relevant curb on 31st October. The Italian authorities will be cracking down on illegal raves and acquire the equipment at the scene. A maximum jail term of 6 years also awaits the organizers of such events.

According to Reuters, this accelerated scrutiny would influence unauthorized gatherings of more than 50 people. Police will also have approval to intercept and access suspects’ phone calls and messages in early version of the motion which is yet to be drafted.

The motion is deemed as a consequent reaction to an unlicensed Halloween weekend rave that took place in outer Modena. A disused warehouse was used for the purpose which clocked an attendance of more than 3,000 people. According to Italian interior minister Matteo Piantedosi, it was made out of concern of “public safety, public order or public health”.

Italian publication La Republica has raised some relatable concerns about the motion. It could pose a hazard for the participants of these raves as the distinction between organizers and ravers is not transparent. The motion might also have the possibility to be incorporated against protests and other anti-government gatherings. The increased scope of state run surveillance on the general Italian population might be a point to ponder as well.