iPhone 15 to Get Further Charging Boost

Trust iPhone leaks to be more specific every time a launch approaches. The iPhone 15 is widely expected to be unveiled in just a few weeks. Consequently, the stream of murmurs and leaked information about the device is getting accelerated as days pass. Apart from a substantial upgrade in terms of both hardware & software, another mind-blowing feature might have come to light.

As per unnamed industry insiders, a considerable charging speed boost is up for grabs with the device. A massive 35W peak charging speed might be associated with the new range. That can be considered quite an upgrade from the existing 27W threshold for the iPhone 14Pro versions. The non-Pro models phase out at a mere 20W.

Gauging the fact that Apple introduced a 35W dual charger last year, it might not come as a surprise. Particular transparency might be needed if the high-speed charging will only be specific to the Pro variants. A few internal parts revealed for the range indicated that three models could feature Thunderbolt charging. Likely paves the way for the turbo speeds mentioned in the previous lines.