iPhone 14 Pro to include Pill-Shaped Cutout With Status Indicators

The iPhone 14 Pro will include a large pill-shaped cutout on the front to display privacy indicators for the microphone and camera, according to a source on the MacRumors forums.

In addition to housing the TrueDepth camera system hardware for Face ID, the space will be used to display orange and green dots that indicate when the camera or microphone are being used by an app. On current models, these indicators are located to the right of the front facing camera when the camera or microphone are actively engaged. This update would put them front and center on the ‌iPhone‌’a display, making it apparent when the camera and the microphone are in use.

According to the forums, Apple plans to give users the ability to tap on the green and orange dots to receive more information about what specific apps are using the microphone or camera. On current models, that data is provided in the Control Center, showing apps that have recently used the camera, microphone, and location.

Sources also claim that Apple is planning to redesign the Camera app, moving most of the controls from the bottom of the display to the top, giving users a larger view of the camera preview. However, this change is “still not entirely locked in.”

The iPhone 14 is set to release this month with the big reveal scheduled for tomorrow.

Source: MacRumors