[INTERVIEW] Porter Robison Tells Fader If He’s Satisfied

We’ve all followed Porter Robinson throughout his years. From getting our Worlds blown to learning to Nurture ourselves, the electronic artist sat down with Fader for an interview. Is he satisfied this far into his career? What new ideas and fresh challenges is he exploring next? Through emotional songwriting and powerful production performances, Porter keeps going, going, and going. His hard work and perseverance push him through “transcendent” boundaries. Here are some highlights from the interview.

“I’m waking up every morning with a smile on my face, so excited to come in and play music with other people. It’s something I’ve never done in my entire life.”

Porter Robinson

THE FADER: What prompted the decision to work with a band for the first time?

PR: I wanted to figure out how to update my show because the thing I’ve done in the past was remixing my discography. I did it with the Worlds show and then again with the Shelter show with Madeon. [Then] I did it again with Nurture. While that’s cool, I knew I had to update the show again this year for Second Sky. I just felt like I hit a wall. It wasn’t enough. I went to see a lot of live music this year, and the stuff that resonated with me were the shows where the songs were at the forefront. Where it was about the music more than anything else, where you could close your eyes and have an equally good experience because of the sense of vulnerability and intimacy and risk and everything that comes along with a true live performance.

With his eight-hour rehearsals every day, Porter has fun with the experience. Even with the emotional sitting down and working for hours straight, time flies when he’s sitting with someone and working. He is being honest and putting everything on the line for his music. We know he’s always his own worst critic and constantly thinking about how to fine-tune his tracks. But this is passion.

Live music is a communal experience that connects people. You’ll find out more on how Nurture has grown with him over the last year, the inspiration behind ‘Trying To Feel Alive’, what’s next for Porter, and what it’s like wanting to put his voice out there more. You can read the full interview here. Enjoy and we’ll see y’all at Second Sky!

Source: The Fader