[Interview] Cellini Dives Into His Tomorrowland Main Stage Debut and New Release

Cellini just debuted on the Tomorrowland Main Stage with an incredible set seen around the world. We got the chance to talk with Cellini about his journey to the infamous Main Stage and the music that got him there. His newest release ‘Late At Night’ is out now on Tomorrowland Music. Be sure to check out the release and the full interview below!

What inspired your new release ‘Late At Night’?

I started working on it on a sunny day during one of the last lockdowns. It was a spontaneous jam on the kalimba. When looping it, it felt very natural to build drums around it and eventually I asked Amos as a vocalist to try something. She did one take in the studio almost directly after hearing the song.. et voila ? I’m very happy with the result!

What was it like playing Tomorrowland Main Stage for the first time ever?

I was so stressy, it’s the biggest stage I ever played.. the 60 minutes passed before I even noticed and I needed 4-5 days to process the fact that I played there… such an experience.

What was your journey like from the start of producing music to now playing on the Main Stage?

It all went step by step and I’m actually very happy with that, from playing birthday parties to my first club experience. I passed them all.. but on the other hand everything followed very fast and also here it was a lot to process. Sometimes I force myself to pause for minute and enjoy the moment. I’m so focussed on my goals that I something actually forget that I’m living my dream. 

Which artists are your biggest inspirations and why?

I’m a huge fan of henrik schwarz. One of the first dance acts that I saw on stage. There is such a good balance between groove, breaks, electronic and human sounds. It’s just the perfect sound for me. On the other hand the Keine musik crew is also a huge inspiration. I’m a big fan.

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

I will focus on touring a lot, playing new countries and cities for the first time and spreading my sound. 

What is your favorite type of pasta and favorite wine?

I’m a huge carbonara fan, sometimes fans send my their version of carbonara in an Instagram DM.. I always check that and give my opinion ? It’s a lifestyle..