ILLENIUM: New Album Tracklist

After a massive start to the 2023 year with a world tour announcement and a new album titled ILLENIUM, Nick releases the tracklist to this new album featuring all the track titles and their featured artist. This will be Nick’s most true album to his personality and the music he is most drawn to. His true colors will bleed through these songs and the messages they carry.

The ILLENIUM tracklist

ILLENIUM includes 16 new tracks with 14 of them including features from 16 artist. Those artist consist of Teddy Swims, MAX, Skyler Grey, JXON, Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker, SpiritBox, Grabbitz, Wooli, American Teeth, Said The Sky, Vera Blue, JVKE, With All Time Low, With Motionless In White, and Nina Nesbitt. Three of the tracks, ‘I Want You 2 (Stay)‘, ‘Drwn‘, and ‘Starfall‘ are solo releases from Nick and will include no featured artist.

Out of all the tracks, we have already heard 5 of them. Those include ‘All That Really Matters‘, ‘Worst Day‘, ‘Shivering‘, ‘From The Ashes‘, and ‘Luv Me A Little‘. All together, they already have millions of streams on streaming platforms. ILLENIUM is set to release on April 4th of 2023. That gives ILLENIUM lots of time to give us a few more singles before the big day.

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Nick has taken the ILLENIUM project to a whole new level every year with new albums, curated events, and more. 2023 started with a bang and is continuing with announcements every month keeping the ILLENIUM project on top of the EDM world. Stay tuned with EDMTunes to keep up with Nick and ILLENIUM news.