Ilan Bluestone & Andrew Bayer Deliver A Soothing Punch With New Single 'Black & Blue'

Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Bayer bring the power and prowess in their new single ‘Black & Blue‘ off Anjunabeats.

The various feelings of this track really start to show after just one listen. It’s a perfect balance of melodics and meanness. It growls yet you don’t want to run from it. It somehow has a very light touch yet heavy delivery.

The song starts with a hyper-house trip into an energetic screaming bass. It goes into a beautiful melodic ballad that plateaus for just a few moments to give a breath then heaves the fire back out. The melody is glistening throughout the rest of the track right until a glossy transition back into the beginning hook.

It’s a track with a wonderfully strong foundation which comes at no surprise given the talent from the two collaborative artists. I look forward to more tracks bringing such a range as this in comparatively a short runtime.

Enjoy the day, take a moment, take care and listen to ‘Black & Blue.’