Ibiza's First Club Event Reports No COVID

Ibiza‘s first club event since the start of the pandemic has recorded no COVID-19 cases.

The event took place on the Spanish island at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday, June 25. 1200 workers were invited to participate in this study to test the effectiveness of COVID-19 protocols before clubs can reopen.

According to Diario de Ibiza, there were no COVID-19 infections among the 1,236 attendees who were present at the event. Most club-goers were fully vaccinated and wore masks throughout the show.

Attendees were required to show proof of vaccination, have a negative PCR test, or a certificate recovery on entry. Moreover, those without proof were tested for COVID-19 at the venue.

Results Are a Step To a Successful Reopening

Ocio de Ibiza considers the results from this trial as a stepping stone to opening nightclubs in the White Isle.

“The results show that the pilot test has been a success and that safe leisure can be enjoyed,” said José Luis Benítez from the Ibiza Leisure Association. “We have shown that this is the way forward to finally open the regulated leisure offer and so that people can be monitored in the event of an outbreak, as opposed to what we are seeing in illegal parties, where attendees cannot be identified and also become real sources of contagion.”

Ibiza aims to welcome the reopening of leisure establishments, and hopefully the return of events, by Monday, July 26.

“Our goal is to meet the conditions required by the Government and will have our support. We know that regulated leisure will always be safer than illegal parties and botellones,” he said.

Ibiza has seen an increase in illegal parties on the island. Recently, Ocio de Ibiza proposed a ban on DJs performing at these events to put a stop to these gatherings.

Last week, Ibiza saw a reimposition of COVID-19 restrictions in the San Antoni area due to sudden spikes in COVID-19 cases. This happened just after the UK government added the Balearic Islands to its green watch list for travel.