Ian Asher Shares Escape Playlist Ahead Of Festival Debut

Get ready for an electrifying Halloween! Ian Asher, the 21-year-old music maestro from Southern California, is all set to rock the stage at Escape. Known for his boundless energy and electrifying performances, Asher is a favorite not only in his hometown but also across the nation. Recently, he mesmerized the crowd at XS in Vegas, leaving the audience craving for more.

The Night Beckons: Unveiling the Halloween Playlist!

Step into the realm of spooky beats and eerie melodies with Ian Asher’s specially curated Escape Halloween playlist. Featuring 20 tracks that will send shivers down your spine, this playlist is meticulously crafted to make your Halloween night an unforgettable musical journey. With every track, you’ll feel the adrenaline rise, and the excitement soar.

From haunting tunes to heart-pounding beats, Asher’s playlist is a seamless blend of Halloween vibes and electrifying rhythms. As the night unfolds, immerse yourself in the world of music that Ian Asher has so passionately prepared for his fans.

TikTok Rhythms: The Cult Following of Ian Asher

Ian Asher isn’t just a DJ; he’s a cultural phenomenon. With a massive cult following on TikTok, he’s become a household name in the music world. Millions of fans eagerly anticipate every release, and when he drops a beat, TikTokers go wild! Ian Asher’s mash-ups have taken the internet by storm, showcasing his remarkable talent for blending party anthems into something truly magical.

The Epic Night Awaits: Let’s Escape with Ian Asher!

Get ready to groove, to dance, and to embrace the night like never before. Ian Asher is all set to make this Halloween unforgettable with his incredible tracks. Don’t miss out on the electrifying performance at Escape and let the music guide you into a night of pure ecstasy. It’s going to be a night to remember, so mark your calendars and join us for a Halloween bash like no other!

When asked about his upcoming Escape set, Ian Asher had the following to say:

“SOCAL FAM! Can’t to wait to party with you guys this Halloween at Escape! I have a feeling it’s about to get spooky ?? to prep for the madness I put together this playlist of bangers that I’ve been playing on repeat. I’ll see you guys there!”

Check out Ian’s Spotify playlist below, an EDMTunes exclusive, and get hyped for this years Escape Halloween!


Two-day GA, GA+, and VIP passes are available now on the official website for Escape Halloween. Escape Halloween is an 18+ festival.

About Ian Asher:

Ian Asher is a 21 year old artist, music producer & DJ from Southern California. Ian’s passion for music
& initial inspiration for becoming an artist began in his childhood when he fell in love with the work of
artists ranging from Calvin Harris to Daft Punk. Within just the past few years, Ian has collaborated with
many of the top songwriters in the world including Andreas Carlsson, Paul Harris, Stuart Crichton, The
Orphanage, Bryn Christopher, Kareen Lomax, Neil Ormandy & DSIGN Music, where he has worked on
Billboard topping projects like ITZY’s “Crazy In Love” as well as his own original music which is set to
debut at the end of this year. Alongside this, Ian has built a dedicated following online consisting of
millions of fans who love and enjoy his work and eagerly await the next phase of his artistry.