Huawei Music Launches in Europe, Competing with Spotify

Although the U.S. is still practicing social distancing and staying indoors, most of Huawei’s employees are back at work in China. The company just launched its music streaming service in Europe. Huawei Music is fully licensed by Universal, Sony, and Warner. As a result, their library has over 50 million tracks and 1.2 million albums. Like Apple and their streaming service, Huawei Music is intended to work seamlessly with their line of smartphones and tablets.

In 2019, the company had more smartphone sales than Apple. As a result, the user base is expanding and their music streaming service may soon compete with major platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Currently, Huawei Music is available across 16 European countries, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Sweden and France. The company plans to expand their service coverage to the remaining countries in Europe in the next couple months.

Huawei Music is available in Europe for a monthly subscription of €9.99, with the first three months being free for people who subscribe before April 26th. The price is comparable to Spotify’s premium plan of £9.99 in the UK and £9.99 for Apple Music as well.

However, Huawei Music stands out with some of the exclusive features they offer. For example, they help runners find their optimal running music by selecting the most suitable music according to the user’s running speed and situation. Additionally, the service offers a Party Mode for sharing music. Users can create ‘parties’ that other people can join as they all simultaneously stream the same music. There’s also a built-in Huawei Listen 3D equalizer, so users can experience virtual surround sound through their earphones. Through all of this, Huawei has proven to be thoughtful and innovative through their services.

Despite all of Huawei’s efforts and technological advancements, the U.S. still hasn’t accepted the company into its market. It’s unclear whether that’ll change in the near future or not. So for now, Huawei music won’t be competing with the other streaming services in America.