How Do You Take Epic Firework Shots? Alive Coverage Photographers Share Tips

It sounds dangerous – but at the same time, fascinating – take photos of fireworks, and the Alive Coverage team has shown us that it indeed is. They’re some of the best taken, and now they’ve shared with how how some of the most beautiful ones were done in a new webinar on Facebook.

This quarantine has allowed us more insight into the work of many people involved in the musical field is like. This ranges from artists to assembly workers and of course: Photographers.

The company in charge of giving to various festivals that characteristic stamps with special effects and fireworks, Pyrotecnico, brings us two Alive Coverage photographers to explain and share some of the dopest pyro pics.

Being a festival photographer is one of the best jobs in the world, but it’s simultaneously hectic. In fact, one of Pyrotecnico’s managers wonders how they can have such good shots while having many movement around them.

Doug Van Sant, one of the invited photographers, mentions his taste for taking photos to the public. He points to the energy of the crowd as one of the most epic parts to be photographed. One of his favorite photos indeed is one he took at Beyond Wonderland 2014 when Kaskade was performing.

With this type of comment, it’s clear that photography is a key element to communicate feelings and experiences. A single photo can express what words fail to describe and convey volumes of emotion.

Pearcey, another Alive Coverage photographer, shares a photo that he took of Zedd in 2018. He says this photograph reflects the epic moment in which he took it, the fireworks help to transmit that message.

Alive Coverage pyro pics

How Do You Take These Photos?

Seeing fireworks at a festival or event generates happiness and wonder in people. Doug tried to catch that in the photograph taken at Pyro Fest in 2016, and in fact, the person in the picture is his wife.

So of course, we’re curious: how can we take so dope pyro pics? Something that is noticed throughout the webinar is the fact that this activity seems to be reserved for professionals. Alive Coverage is a professional team with some of the best photographers in the world.

Actually, with a little practice and equipment that you can use in manual mode (control aperture, focus, effects), you can take a great pyro pic. The two photographers agree on the fact that they have to be very sensitive and be aware of all movements to capture the epic moment.

Alive Coverage Pyro Pics
Photo: Alive Coverage

Being an EDM photographer at a minimum requirements photography and some graphic design knowledge, but you need more than this, too. The two photographers mention to their webinar colleagues that they can recreate with marvels the wonder of fireworks or lasers. And they certainly do a good job.

You can watch the full webinar via Facebook Live here.