Guy J Presents AM Mix Of All-Time Classic ‘Lost & Found’

The take marks the end of the artist’s successful record label Lost & Found.

A few days ago we got the news that Guy J‘s leading record label, Lost & Found, would come to an end, after more than a decade in full force and frontrunning the Organic and Progressive House industries. Even though it was sad news, his reason to leave the project in this state was for people to remember it as a constant output of great music, which is quite reasonable: we’re often presented with artists or sounds which steer far from what we used to love about them, and we crave “the old days“. Guy J wanted to avoid this situation going forward.

The 100th release is, quite remarkably, an ode to the full circle. Lost & Found closes its doors with a new mix of Guy’s inaugural track of the same name. Furthermore, the AM Mix of ‘Lost & Found‘ was crafted by no other than the original artist himself.

‘Lost & Found (AM Mix)’

The AM Mix is a beautiful Ambient-Electronica take. Firstly, it got rid of the 4/4 beat, which, I have to agree, it’s lovely, but I do understand where this version is aiming. A completely ethereal spin on the 10-year-old ‘Lost & Found’ this track feels like floating on a cloud. The synths make you fly away into a world of nostalgia, and they even picture that painting of a happy ending.

There’s one predominant analogue synth which drives the song forward, and it sounds as though Guy J had improvised over the track, and that makes it even more special. A jamming session shows the true colours behind an artist.

The rest of the elements truly help that vision of floating, perhaps in a surreal world. There are hats, a wood block, pads, arpeggios, modulated textures, and an overall aura of finishing something and becoming distant. A wonderful piece, and a real tear-inducer ending for one of the best Progressive & Organic House imprints there’ll ever be.

Have a listen yourself by clicking the SoundCloud link below. Also, click here to get your vinyl copy.