Gryffin Releases 'Hold You Tonight', A Country x Electronic Fusion

Yep, you read that right. First of all, don’t shoot the messenger—I’m quite fond of country. However, if there’s one thing I did not see coming, it was this. American DJ/Producer Gryffin just released his new track, and the fusion is an unexpected one. The track is called ‘Hold You Tonight’ and features country singer/songwriter Chris Lane.

Gryffin, Chris Lane team for 'Hold You Tonight' | The Music Universe

Gryffin is an amazing producer with an incredibly unique sound. Even though he belongs to one of the most saturated parts of the music industry, he manages to make his sound distinguishable and enjoyable. Ever since releasing his ‘Desire’ remix, the artist has released hit after hit. He’s also collaborated with many of the most well-known artists in the electronic music industry, while never losing his sound and fusing perfectly with the musician he chooses to work with. He’s definitely done it again here.

Gryffin Takes On Country

If you’re thinking country and EDM aren’t something that should mix, allow me to remind you that thousands said the same when Avicii premiered his mega-hit and all-time great, ‘Wake Me Up’. Gryffin takes similar action with ‘Hold You Tonight’, although this one is quite different from the Swedish musician’s work when he pioneered this combination almost 7 years ago. Gryffin has always been recognized for his beautiful melodies and strong ascendent sounds, which eventually end in a magical drop—exactly as described in this track.

The guitar chords and vocals provided by Lane fit perfectly with Gryffin’s sound. Shortly after a beautiful intro from Lane, Gryffin’s drums enter. The balance between the electronic beats and acoustic melody continues. Then, we get to a riser that reminds us of Gryffin’s track ‘Just For A Moment’. The drop that follows is one you’ll want to experience late in the night, inside a festival, on a crowded dancefloor, surrounded by lights and fireworks. That’s how good this track is.

Props to Gryffin for taking on such a great fusion and adding his own touch to create this piece. Stream ‘Hold You Tonight’ by Gryffin and Chris Lane below!