Gorillaz Disappoint Fans by Cancelling Upcoming U.S. Tour

The highly anticipated U.S. tour featuring Gorillaz, with support from Kaytranada, Lil Yachty & Remi Wolf, has been cancelled. The announcement was made by the band on their social media pages, citing their deep regret and disappointment at having to cancel their tour.

The Reason Behind the Cancellation

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the music industry and live events. Unfortunately, the Gorillaz tour has not been spared from this impact. In their statement, the band acknowledged the difficulties they faced in trying to plan and execute a tour during such uncertain times.

The band expressed their sadness at having to let down their fans, many of whom were eagerly anticipating the upcoming shows. They also expressed their gratitude to their fans for their understanding and continued support.

What This Means for Fans and Ticket Holders

For fans who were looking forward to the Gorillaz tour, this cancellation is undoubtedly disappointing. Many had already purchased tickets and made travel arrangements in anticipation of the shows. The band has promised to refund all tickets, and fans are encouraged to contact their point of purchase for further information.

Despite the disappointment, the Gorillaz have assured their fans that they will continue to create and share their music. They have promised to keep their fans updated on any future tour plans and have expressed their hope to perform for their fans again soon.