Gorillaz celebrate 20 years with 'Almanac' lookbook

Gorillaz Almanac

Twenty years ago the world was very different from how we know it now. Musically, there were two soups: sweetened pop and hard rock, without half measures and with a few alternatives in the mainstream.

Twenty years have passed since Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett revolutionized music with the introduction of Gorillaz, a virtual band. Since then they have put one hit after another on the musical stage. Now the band celebrates this moment with the publication of a 120-page book called ‘Almanac’.

“The artwork, the music, and the mythos all add up to what is destined to be one of our most buzzed about releases in history, and when fans see just what we have planned, I know everyone will agree it was well worth the wait.”

Gorillaz ‘ Almanac ‘Lookbook content and release date

The full-color hardback lookbook will include a wide array of special artwork, comic strips, games, puzzles, and more featuring Noodle, Murdoc Niccals, 2D, and Russel Hobbs’ cartoon outfit. The book also includes special guest appearances and contributors throughout his career.

Gorillaz Almanac Lookbook

Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett described the band’s visual evolution over the years to Rolling Stone.

“Twenty years of drawing the same characters you can’t avoid change. I think I tried to draw more realism into them around the 4th album but now I find myself looking back at the original style, which reminds me of 1970’s Hannah Barbera cartoons which I grew up on. Ultimately I would love to create an animation style as good as Chuck Jones’s style during the late ’70s. Also, I can afford to buy better pens now.”

The Gorillaz ‘almanac’ Lookbook will be released on October 16 via z2 comics. It will be available in three different versions: Gorillaz Almanac Standard, Gorillaz Almanac Deluxe and Gorillaz Almanac Super Deluxe, with a price that will range between $24 and $199.