Ghastly Claims Carnage Bought Views On His Documentary

The pay-for-play argument between Ghastly and Carnage continues on. Ghastly has responded to a comment by Carnage on Twitter where he assures that he bought views for his documentary on YouTube.

To recap: on May 10th, Carnage announced the launch of an autobiographical documentary entitled ‘The Price Of Greatness, A Look Into The Misunderstood’. It was recently released and had a good reception by fans. Many of them expressed their thanks for the documentary and commented on how inspirational it was. However, there was someone who noticed something strange – yep, Ghastly.

Ghastly’s tweet was later deleted, but as we see in the screenshot, he wondered how the video can have more than 700,000 views and less than 2,000 likes. With this item, Ghastly says Carnage bought views for his documentary. He’s clearly annoyed because Carnage is celebrating an achievement he reached by buying bots.

Could this reach actually be due to the YouTube algorithms, or did Carnage really buy views? Many videos of this type seem to present the same problem: Videos with 100,000 views have 9,000 likes, and another one with 600,000 has 9,200 likes.

With this, I don’t mean that Carnage or any other DJ pays for views on this website. People were able to watch the documentary from an embedded link and there may also be issues in ad management, which causes the match between views and likes to not match. We can’t be sure if Carnage bought views for his documentary or not.

Naturally, Carnage responded to these allegations with an undoubtedly challenging message asking for proof. The request: if Ghastly can prove his claim to be true, Carnage will donate $100,000 to a charity fund.