Germany Is Starting To Hold Their Own Drive

Mankind has always found ways to innovate during abnormal times. With the dance music universe at a complete standstill, a new ‘drive-in rave’ concept has emerged in Germany. A series of these raves have been organized by the World Club Dome community in Dusseldorf. A new one in this chain is scheduled to take place later this month. Denmark has seen a few of these raves happening as well, according to Forbes.

Local promoters have also started throwing their hats in the ring. One such rave occurred on Friday night in Schüttorf in Lower Saxony, close to the German-Dutch border. Holger Boesch, owner of a venue in the town called Club Index, was the man behind this one. A full soundsystem accompanied the festival stage at Club Index’s car parking. A dedicated lighting rig was implanted as well.

A maximum of 250 cars were allowed, with no more than 2 people per car permitted. Nitefield, MarvU and Devin Wild were among the DJs to grace the stage. The audience were provided with two options: they could listen either to the soundsystem on-stage, or tune into a broadcast of the music over the internet. All of this happened while ensuring social distancing rules applied as well.

“Some people from the ‘crowd’ started to push their horns, which gave us great feedback and from that point we knew how to communicate with them and we could turn this event into something really personal.”

DJ Nitefield

Exciting times ahead? This certainly might be an indication!