Gareth Emery Presents: Unplugged Digital Concert” />

These are weird times that we are currently living in, with the literal halt of all live music shows & all. With the music industry being turned upside down, artists everywhere are looking every which way they can for a way to stay afloat. While some, are struggling, others are not. As a matter of fact, some artists I would say, are thriving. One such artist is Gareth Emery. Emery recently held his DECADE pay per view live stream, with much success. Now, he aims to repeat this, only this time, with his Unplugged Digital Concert.

In Gareth’s own words:

“I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. Even late last year, I looked at putting this together but with so many singers I’ve worked with based all over the world, travel and schedules were always too difficult to line up.

But: the world then handed us an opportunity. No gigs, no travel, just indefinite time at home to be creative.
So here we are. For the first time, I’ll be playing all my best songs on piano in one set, with each of these artists joining me via Facetime to perform.”

Sounds awesome if you ask me. Gareth is going all in and bringing many of his featured vocalist along for the ride. You can expect names like Annabel, Christina Novelli, Emily Vaughn, Emma Hewitt, and Evan Henzi to present in the stream. In addition to this, Haliene, Janet Devlin, Kovic, Linney, London Thor & Lucy Saunders will be there as well. If you’ve followed the progression of Gareth Emery’s career, you’d know these vocalists are involved in a large amount of his biggest hits. With that being said, this should be very “feelsy”, considering the tracks will all be backed by Emery on the piano.

Unplugged Digital Concert

Gareth Emery’s Unplugged Digital Concert is set to begin at 7:30 PM PST, with two replays broadcasts for different time zones. He’ll be playing an hour chill-out set from his garden to set the mood, then at 8:30 PM, he’ll head to the piano and the concert will start. The stream is set to have lasers and production similar to the Decade set.

There will be limited capacity, so make sure to get there early. In regards to the cap, Gareth had the following to say:

“A few people have asked why limit the capacity at all when online is unlimited. Well, for the same reasons I sometimes play a 300 capacity club instead of a big show. Because some things are better with my true supporters and day ones, rather than every random person on the internet, and we’d rather turn down the some cash to make the experience as good as possible for us all.”

So cool. This time, free passes will be going to any medical workers worldwide. You can shoot an email at [email protected] via work email (for instance an email) to get a pass to the Unplugged show. You can also send a picture of your work ID.

If Gareth Emery’s DECADE stream is any indication of what he has in store for us, I think we’re in for a treat. If you would like to see more for yourself, look down below.

Tickets & information for Gareth Emery’s Unplugged can be found here, see you there!