Game Time: Pandora's Curated Gaming Playlist Features Steve Aoki, Marshmello, And More

Pandora is launching a new series of playlists featuring exclusive playlists from DJs that moonlight as gamers. It’s called ‘Game Time‘, and you can start streaming now with Steve Aoki, Marshmello, Gryffin, The Glitch Mob, and more.

Since we’re still stuck in quarantine, music streaming and video games have become our escape suffice it to say. Both industries continue to cross over to gives us a new form of exciting entertainment.

“Over the past few months more than ever, video games have served as a comforting form of escape, constant entertainment, and way to connect with others in the community. Whether the go-to is FortniteCall of DutyGrand Theft Auto, or even OG classics like Super Mario or Donkey Kong, it is undeniable that there is a strong connection between music and gaming, and finding the right musical vibe is the perfect way to fuel that next session.” – Pandora representative on the series

The most popular EDM artists alongside the most popular games make for a most entertaining time. What’s more, is that these guys are executing Pandora’s mission with a carefully curated compilation of songs. Each playlist has a special message from the artist as well as frenetic tracks to take your gaming to the next level. Each playlist oozes high energy so if you need more music to play while streaming or gaming, check these playlists out.

Pick your poison in sound from the artists below:

Steve Aoki
The Glitch Mob
Surf Mesa
Fredo Bang
Tokyo Machine

This is another way for artists and fans to stay connected during this lockdown. We get the inside scoop on what our favorite artists listen to as well as get new music to jam out too.

IYKYK: so spread the word and start listening!