‘Futuro’, The Latest Trance Collab You Need To Hear

Fresh from the oven, a new tune is born from the clash of two giants of the Trance scene.

Get ready because this one sure hits you like a truck! Look no further if you were in need of new music, because Armind has you covered. And it does so with a staggering new track coming from a pair which doesn’t come to mind straight away: Giuseppe Ottaviani and ilan Bluestone.

First teased some months ago by the two Trance legends, Giuseppe played it on a couple of sets and then the hype sort of slowed down. That is, until today. The author of tracks like ‘Linking People‘, and ‘Toys‘ featuring Betsie Larkin, meets the creator of ‘Spheres‘, ‘Will We Remain?‘ with Maor Levi and featuring EL Waves, and most recently, a remix for BONNIE X CLYDE‘s ‘Another You.

The name of their collaboration? ‘Futuro‘.


This collaboration is almost a perfect blend of both styles. From the very start, you have Giuseppe’s epic melodies, but the analog synth they’re played on sounds quite like ilan. The drop is true to Ottaviani’s Techno sound, right until the second half, where we go from Techno to Progressive Trance. And you know who is behind that bit.

All in all, the tune is a great allrounder, made to be blasted either on lower or higher BPM. It does fit both speeds, if you wish to play it at one of your sets. The merging of their sounds came out to sound much better than imaginated, because it truly feels like a song written by any of the two, but also that none could have done without the other’s part. Genius if you ask me. And perhaps, a future classic. Who knows.

Listen to Giuseppe Ottaviani and ilan Bluestone’s ‘Futuro’ right below, by clicking on the Spotify link.