Future Fest Presents A Unique Rave Experience With Kaskade

Future Fest is a cutting-edge virtual events metaverse that builds shared experiences for the global music community. For their first exclusive event, they’re hosting legendary, multi-Grammy nominated EDM artist Kaskade. This exclusive event takes place mid-April for all Futurebot NFT holders in their newly created metaverse. Yes, the first-ever NFT based event. 

How To Access

We know the NFT trend has skyrocketed in the last few months. So, this Metaverse event can only be accessed by their NFT holders but will be primarily focused on bringing Kaskade’s unique sounds and positive energy. If you already have access to the Web3 community, you’re in. Also, any holders of Space Yacht Space Pass NFTs can access the event too. For those that would like access, their NFT is available on one of the largest cryptocurrency blockchains, Cardano (ADA). 

About This Event

Firstly, Future Fest will be creating a custom-built world that takes place inside a pinball machine themed after Kaskade’s music label, Arkade®. Their virtual festival world gives the audience the ability to interact and explore as their Futurebot NFT avatars. Get flung inside a capsule and bounce around the interactive events inside the machine. Explore the different areas and compete against others on one of five teams: Frequency, Vibrant, Radiance, Vibe Corp, or Harmony. They’re taking live-streamed festivals to a whole new world. We’ve seen how Tomorrowland’s visual team created amazing escapes. Marshmello’s Fortnite concert and Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Virtual events had us all reeling for more. But Future Fest aims to up the ante on the virtual rave experience.

Lastly, Future Fest, Inc. has worked with Anjunabeats, Space Yacht. HyperX, Dirtybird, and many more artists and brands to create their unique experiences. What’s more is, they’ve partnered with Future House Studios, known for developing other notable virtual worlds for the likes of Steve Aoki, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and John Legend. Interested in learning more? Check out more details here and join the conversation on Discord here