Flume Releases Epic Remix of Eiffel 65's Classic 'Blue'

You know how Angemi’s always making those “what if X track was produced by X” videos? Well, one of the weirdest combinations someone could come up with just happened. A couple of days ago, Australian DJ/Producer Flume uploaded his remix for one of dance music’s biggest classics. Care to guess? I certainly don’t think you will. So, here it is: Flume decided to remix Eiffel 65’s mega-hit Blue.

Eiffel 65 Blue Gets a Flume Remix

Flume X Old School EDM

That’s right. Remember these guys? Well, this remix definitely comes from whatever place they came from, because it’s just not from this planet. Released in 1998, ‘Blue’ is considered an all-time dance classic. It’s been remixed more than once. However, this time it’s a whole new level. Flume just brings an amazing new touch to it, which definitely makes it the best ‘Blue’ remix I’ve heard.

The original vocals and melody can still be heard inside the track. However, this time, our favorite little blue aliens take a trip down to the realm of future bass. Glitchy, arpeggiated, and just panning all over your stereo, this masterpiece of a remix will instantly take you on a space journey, far away.

While the remix is already on Spotify, Flume has decided to make this not only an auditive, but also a visual journey. It’s an amazing explosion of blue color masterfully animated. Flume’s remix visualizer is now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. If you, like tons of other fans inside the industry consider yourself a visuals fan, this is a video you must watch. Pairing it with such a special remix is undoubtedly the ultimate Flume experience. The Australian producer continues amazing us as he showcases an amazing talent to take any sound and perfectly mix it with his own special and signature sound.

Watch the video for Eiffel 65 – Blue (Flume Remix) below!