Fisher’s Mom is Still Raving at 74

Well, this is the kind of story that everybody likes. In a recent interview with Capital Dance Radio, Australian superstar Fisher shared a fantastic story about his mom during Coachella weekend. In fact, the 74-year-old mother of the renowned artist is apparently still enjoying the party life to the fullest, being one of the last ones standing in a full-blown afterparty that carried on well into the morning hours in the California desert a few months ago.

As you can see in the clip above, Fisher described a night – and a morning – of post-Coachella festivities at a house, which obviously included the presence of his mother. Around 11:00 AM, fatigue began to take its toll on some people. One attendee told Fisher that he wanted to go to bed but with an amusing caveat, added that he would “not go anywhere until the lady pisses off first.” Obviously, the guy did not know at all it was the producer’s mother. The funniest part is that Fisher had the perfect response for it:

“Mate, that’s my mum and she ain’t going anywhere”.

Just amazing stuff, really. Fisher went on to say that his mother has always been full of energy and liveliness. He attributes his own charismatic and flamboyant personality to the influence his mother had on him, which makes a lot of sense now. This proves that age has no limit to enjoying life. We surely hope to hear even more stories about the DJ’s mom in the future.

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