Ferry Corsten Shares New 'As Above So Below' As FERR

Electronic music veteran Ferry Corsten is back on track, but not in the way we’re used to. The legendary artist just started diving into new waters with a project under his ‘FERR‘ alias. The musician already released 3 singles from the project, but the wait for the remaining tracks is finally over. He’s launching his first album under the alias, ‘As Above So Below‘, which creates a significant ambiance for something new and intriguing.

FERR looks to explore the worlds of Neo-Classical, ambient and film score sounds. With multiple electronic artists already setting precedents on films and even winning several awards, this sounds like a step in the right direction. The new album has a wide variety of tones and moods. These tracks are able to set the atmosphere from the very happy to the pretty dark. Versatile, inspiring and involving could really define what we are listening to here. It’s definitely something that you can enjoy in the background while at anything you could be doing on this quarantine.

Ferry Corsten is no stranger to the scene, and his debut on this new path is no joke. Overall, the album captures a wide range of frames of mind without losing the touch that Ferry Corsten has always had. ‘As Above So Below‘ launched this week and it is waiting for you to hear it.

We sure wish FERR a bon voyage on this new trip. Listen to the full album below and let us know what you think!