Facebook to Add Music Video Section on Artists' Pages” />

Just recently, Facebook rolled out a brand new desktop redesign. The clutter-free approach was a step forward from the previous layout, giving the site a more modern feel. Facebook’s goal was to simplify your viewing experience, making it easier to access and see what you want, when you want. It’s fun to get lost wandering through social media, but it’s much more convenient when everything’s organized. Now, there’s one more convenient update coming this August that will benefit musicians.

For the longest time, we’ve been able to sort and store media in specific albums online. For example, Facebook allows you to create and share custom albums of anything you’d like. Unfortunately, categorizing media is exclusive to photos and videos. What about artists with music videos? Artists spend a lot of time and money creating these videos; why lose track of them? According to reports, Facebook is implementing a music video library section to the artists’ pages this August.

Facebook Music Video

Once fully implemented, artist pages on Facebook will be able to showcase all of their own music videos in one designated area. Before, music videos were easily lost amongst other videos posted by the artist. YouTube is great at organizing and showcasing music videos, but having this designated space on Facebook means one less app to open up. Musicians will also appreciate the new section as music videos are often a great way to gain exposure and grow their fan-base.

Again, the new Facebook music video library will arrive sometime this August. As with any new update, it may not be perfect upon release. Over time, user feedback will hopefully make this feature extremely valuable to both artists and fans.